MobStac: The 360-degree Mobile Publishing Platform

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It’s been a busy 2012 so far at the MobStac office, as we work furiously on all the changes we’re making underneath the hood to unveil our flagship product in its new avatar.

We’re thrilled to announce today our new 360-degree mobile publishing platform for mobile and tablet devices – the first of its kind anywhere in the world! With MobStac’s HTML5-based platform, publishers now have an integrated product that transparently serves content to a whole gamut of mobile and tablet devices, ensuring the end user experience is perfect for each class of device.

Until today, publishers have had to contend with a bunch of different products made by different parties that were all built differently, worked differently, and came with their own learning curve. With MobStac, that is now history.

Here’s how IntoMobile, one of the largest cellphone news websites on the Web, uses MobStac to power both a speedy mobile website for phones as well as a slick, magazine-inspired Touchsite for iPad users.


New Pricing Plans

As part of the rollout of our integrated publishing product, we’re also announcing new pricing plans that include our new Touchsite product for tablets.

The most significant change we’ve made is that we’re now dropping our free Basic plan entirely and replacing it with a $5/month plan. Our loyal readers will remember that we supported our free plan through an ad revenue sharing program. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to foot the bill of serving all that mobile traffic so we did what every startup must do: make a tough choice. We thank all our publishers for supporting us and helping improve our product leaps and bounds with their feedback and active involvement.

Our new pricing plans are the result of data we’ve gathered from new customers we’ve signed up, feedback from potential customers we’ve spoken to, and an analysis of how different publishers on our network have been using MobStac. We believe the new plans align better with how publishers want to use our product and have also updated our pricing accordingly. If you’ve a question about our new plans, or need help choosing one, please feel free to write to us or ping us on twitter.

The future is mobile. Are you mobile?

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