Keeping MobStac Free: Announcing Ad-Revenue Sharing

From the time we first launched our public beta in October, 2010, we have been fiercely committed to making MobStac help publishers reach their mobile audiences, where ever in the world they happen to be. We offer a free version of our product that is packed with features and delivers a best-in-class mobile experience across the widest range of mobile devices so that publishers big and small can go mobile in minutes and monetize their traffic with a single click.

Today we’re announcing the start of a pilot ad-revenue sharing program with all publishers on MobStac that are on our Basic plan. This means that in exchange for powering your mobile site and delivering a blazing-fast mobile experience to your readers that they love, MobStac reserves the right to run ads on your mobile site, up to a maximum of 40% of your mobile site’s page views. So if your MobStac-powered mobile site clocks 10 page views a day, we will run ads on 4 of these page views with the remaining 6 left for you to run your ads, from whichever network you choose. MobStac will run advertising on your mobile site only if you have turned on ad integration on your mobile site. If you don’t run advertising yourself, we won’t either.

Ad-revenue sharing for all publishers on the Basic plan will begin on Friday, May 27, 2011. You can verify the number of ad impressions you’re seeing from different networks at any time by logging into your dashboard and viewing the Analytics tab. At any point if you notice any discrepancies in ad impression numbers or have concerns, please feel free to write to us or ping us on twitter.

Of course, if you’d rather keep all advertising revenue as well as run your own custom advertising, you can upgrade to the Pro plan at any time.

All of us at MobStac believe that our product should always be available free to publishers that want it. This ad-revenue sharing program helps us support our free service and ensure that no matter what you’ll always get a world-class mobile experience delivered to your readers.

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