The Hindu, India’s National Newspaper, Chooses MobStac

On April 1, The Hindu, one of India’s oldest newspapers, flipped a switch and revealed a brand new mobile site ( for its readers, powered by MobStac technology. Being avid fans of quality journalism as well as consumers of news on the go, this is a double delight for the MobStac team. We are indeed honoured to be working with The Hindu and helping it reach out to its vast global readership on mobile devices.

For the MobStac team, this is also a significant milestone because this is a validation of our technology and the grueling hours we have put in to make it best-of-class.

Readers seem to be ecstatic about the new changes that have come their way. Here is a sample of the feedback that readers shared with The Hindu:

I just wanted to congratulate you on your new mobile edition. I am
subscribed to the epaper edition of The Hindu but I also read The
Hindu on Blackberry. Today in the morning I for the first time read
articles in your new mobile edition and I have to admit it is the best
newspaper application I had so far (among others, I am also using the
New York Times mobile application). I wish you all the best in your
future work.

And another:

I have been an avid reader of The Hindu and have been
following Hindu since decades, but I was amazed today to see the
brilliant and exquisite mobile edition of your website, I am
absolutely amazed by the speed with which the pages load (I had to
infact check that it was not a stored page or something on my iPhone)
and the design surpasses even the one of the most beautiful ones that
I have come across (including NYTimes) and it is so easy to share on
twitter and Facebook networks, Hindu is one true example of being
‘class apart’ even though its published and based out of India, a
country still laggard in technology adoption. Keep up the great work.

We’re looking forward to working with publishers all over the world as we continue to expand our publisher base. If you’re a publisher interested in a custom MobStac solution, please get in touch!

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