Add Google Search and Twitter Feeds to Your Mobile Site

Continuing on our rollout of new features this February, we’re happy to announce two more features that we hope you will find useful: Google custom search and Twitter feeds in your mobile site.

Google custom search

Adding a custom Google search box to your mobile site helps your readers find exactly the content they’re looking for, which is all the more crucial in a mobile site because people are usually in a hurry and in need of specific information. To add Google custom search, you will need to first create a custom search engine with Google and obtain its unique ID. Once you do, all you have to do is tell us what it is in the Settings tab of your MobStac dasboard:

And voila, you have a neat little Google search box in the footer of your mobile site:

Display your tweets on your mobile site

To add tweets to your mobile site, log in to your MobStac dashboard and go to the Feeds tab. Add a new Twitter feed by typing in your Twitter handle:

Once you add the feed, you can modify your site’s navigation menu on the top to add a link for the Twitter page that MobStac automatically creates for you, just like we demonstrated earlier while adding a YouTube channel.

Your readers can now see your tweets when they land on your mobile site:

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