Mobile Internet Trends From The Web 2.0 Summit

I have followed Mary Meeker’s research for a few years now, and it definitely has been a gold standard for insights into the evolution of Internet over the past decade. The recent presentation she gave at the Web 2.0 Summit is no exception. The presentation showcases some very interesting Internet trends in 10 focus areas. In this blog post I want to highlight key trends with respect to the mobile Internet:

  1. ~670 million 3G subscribers with a 37% increase over the last year only indicates the incredible pace of growth of mobile Internet users globally. What is also of interest is that this growth extends across geographies from USA to Taiwan, Brazil to Saudi Arabia, and Egypt to Romania.

  2. Among mobile operating systems, Symbian still leads the pack with a market share of 37% but Android is currently the fastest growing with 25% of the market share. iOS(Apple) with 17% and Blackberry with 15% are a little behind. This is a good reminder to every publisher that just focusing on an iPhone may not be a very comprehensive strategy.

  3. Social networking is expected to lead the consumption of the mobile Internet. Facebook recently announced that over 200mm access Facebook on mobile, a 3X growth over last year. MobStac Analytics also suggest that social media(Facebook, Twitter) has been playing a sizable role in driving traffic to MobStac powered mobile sites and this traffic is only bound to increase going forward.

  4. With constant innovation (location-based services, etc.) mobile commerce is expected to take-off in a much faster way than online commerce. It is also important to note that a significant percentage of mobile commerce will include content (ring-tones, games, video clips, wall papers, etc.) that will be consumed on mobile only.

  5. Streaming video content accounts for 41% of mobile traffic. MobStac currently supports Youtube and Vimeo streaming on mobile and publishers can leverage this feature to deliver a rich experience to their users

  6. In less than 2 years(2012E) smartphone shipments will overtake PCs which suggests that there will be a land grab monetization opportunities for mobile content publishers. Are you ready?

As always we would love to hear your thoughts on any other mobile Internet trend that you have observed or on your mobile content consumption pattern in particular.

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