4 Factors to Consider when Designing UX for a beacon-enabled app

Feature Image_Beacon App UX Design

Over the last year, beacons have become so popular that they are already shifting fast from trials to mainstream deployments. So much so that, these proximity-based experiences have challenged mobile designers to think of user experience along new lines. So far, UX designers have been concerned about how their interface looks on a screen. To […]

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Beacon Challenges Mesh Networks can Help Solve

How-Mesh-Networks-can- help-solve-Beacon-Challenges

Over the last year, beacons, the low-powered proximity detection devices, which were initially touted as a ‘retail only’ opportunity were leveraged by businesses across various verticals, right from events to banks for proximity marketing. But of recent they have started to make inroads into the personal device marketplace as well. According to Merrill Lynch, the […]

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[Webinar] Leveraging Beacons, Wi-Fi and Geo-fencing to achieve maximum ROI – Location-based mobile advertising lessons for Retailers

Feature Image_Webinar on Location-based advertising

With today’s ever connected customers always searching for that ‘nearest’ restaurant or a shopping outlet while on the move, location-based mobile advertising does seem to be the first thing retailers should invest on this year. If you’re wondering about the ROI of location-based mobile advertising in retail and why you should invest in iBeacon technology […]

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