Best of Beacons this Week: Estimote’s new software and partnership announcements and more


This week we’ve got a great lineup of beacon articles in store, including Estimote’s recent software updates, Samsung’s ‘Proximity’ platform, some great advice on running beacon-enabled marketing campaigns and more. We will also talk about the apps built during India’s first Beacon app Hack Day. So read away. 1. A bunch of new APIs, SDKs and […]

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Best of Beacons this Week: The Real Privacy Threat Posed by Beacons and More


Image Source: Are beacons a real threat to privacy as claimed by media? Can they really track a consumer’s location data? How can marketers reap the benefits of beacons without going overboard with beacon marketing? Though many experts agree that beacons are fast transforming the retail industry, is it a reality for all of […]

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10 Ways Travel Brands can use Beacons to offer Connected Travel Experiences


The rapid advent and adoption of mobile devices, has given rise to a completely new level of consumer expectation. Gone are the days when merely providing your consumers with 24×7 access to information gave you the edge above your competitors. Travelers today expect their favorite travel brands to deliver instant information and services, based on […]

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How Beacon Analytics can be utilized across Verticals


Today’s ‘ever-connected’ consumers love hassle-free convenience, and they expect businesses to cater to their needs across multiple channels. Yet the amount of insight that various verticals have for each of these channels vary widely. For example, today’s multichannel retailers use a wide variety of big data, right from their online store to mobile app and […]

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