How Airlines can use Beacons to Enhance Travel Experience

Feature-Image-How-Airlines-can-use-Beacons to Enhance-Travel-Experience

The out-of-home, unfamiliar nature of travel has made mobile phone connectivity a must-have for travellers, especially when they need information the most. Beacons, the latest buzz in the industry, have triggered a new wave of initiatives aimed at bringing the vision of a personalized air travel experience closer.These small BLE devices coupled with connected mobile […]

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Internet Retailer Feature: 8 lesser-known uses of Beacons for Retailers

Today, beacons are taking the retail industry by storm . These low-cost pieces of hardware have revolutionized the the way the online and offline world connect and interact with each other. More importantly they also provide a unique advantage for brick-and-mortar businesses, by helping them deflect threats from e-commerce-only retailers. While beacon technology is best […]

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How to make Mobile an integral part of your Customers’ Retail Experience


Mobile savvy shoppers of today use their devices to browse retailer offerings, look for discounts, check product reviews and compare products—whether  on the bus back from work or in-person at the retail store. Mobile is no longer a mere accessory to augment the shopping process. It has now become an essential stop in the path […]

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Could Amazon’s Fire Phone pose a threat to Retailers?


Image Courtesy: Of recent, Amazon has become the source of one of the major smartphone innovations of 2014: the Amazon Fire Phone. After years of speculation and rumours, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s Chief Executive Officer, recently unveiled the brand’s highly anticipated first own smartphone, brimming with features of all kinds, at an event in Seattle. Image […]

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A Million Android users love The Hindu App powered by MobStac

Feature Image-The Hindu Mobile App has one million downloads

The Hindu Android app powered by MobStac recently crossed a million downloads from the Google Play store. MobStac has been associated with The Hindu, one of India’s leading National dailies, as a mobile strategy partner since 2011. The Hindu was the first newspaper in India to have launched a website. Continuing their trend of “firsts” in […]

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