How Beacons let Restaurants provide Personalized Service to Customers


With the rise in the adoption of mobile devices, there has been a shift in the way customers want to connect and interact with their favourite restaurants. They expect brands to creatively use technology and harness on the data gathered from their previous interactions to engage with them in a contextual manner. And being the […]

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How Beacons can make the Mall Experience more Delightful


According to the 2014 Mobile Media Consumption Report by InMobi, mobile commerce has already seen a 15% increase this year, and states that 83% of consumers are planning to involve themselves in mobile commerce in the coming year. With more and more brands coming up with intuitively designed apps and features such as ‘order online’ and ‘collect […]

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Webinar on ‘Challenges of deploying Beacons in the Real World’ – You are invited!


Beacons are transforming the way businesses interact with consumers. By delivering proximity-based, context-aware messages, beacons enhance customer experience as well as enable businesses to know their customers better. While a lot of big brands have already tasted success with these tiny devices, most businesses are still trying to figure out how to integrate beacons with […]

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iBeacon Marketing: 10 Tips for Retailers

Feature Image_iBeacon Marketing

Beacons are essentially ‘GPS for indoors’, which allow for proximity-based personalised notifications and alerts. In retail stores, customers can be prompted according to their location, so that promotion and offers can be targeted with greater precision. It is one of the most exciting technological inventions to hit consumer retail in the last few years, and […]

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